What happens to the time ?

I have been so focused on the Facebook pages and the other activities that I only came to realise today that i had missed the blog on the site completely. NO, not just a few days or maybe a week or two according to the date stamps since June 2017 hahahaha. Damn that is disgusting !!!

I do have valid excuses and reasons, mostly all work related but i am not going to share all the boring details with you here. Squires Lens has gone through a complete revamp and I am pleased to announce that we are officially up and running again. A complete restructuring took place whilst I forfiled a contract I had last year, being 2018. A second one came up soon after but only lasted three months. Great things have been happening and well I have found myself back in the drivers seat here at Squires Lens. This fact alone is the reason for my at times idiotic grin permanently plastered on my face.

We have taken it easy for the first months of this year as we align all our social media obligations and arrangements. That is fast coming to a final presentable format and launch date will be Month End February 2019. My last shoot can be found under “Recent Activity” on the banner to the left of the menu options on the website. See Ursh & Co.

So blogging is having a welcome return to center stage here at Squires Lens and I do look forward to sharing the current activity and pictures with you.

Love to all the followers and it is an absolute pleasure to be back and I look forward to sharing and chatting to you all.

Hugs and all to you


Gilooly's farm

Hey folks,


Just by way of filling you in on activity regarding Gilooly's farm as a destination for photographers. I have been in contact with the management and they are getting back to usregarding the use of the old farm house on site as a backdrop for pictures and the shoot we have planned. The nice thing is that the afternoon sun reaches the front of the house from 3pm onward giving us plenty of time to set up and conduct a decent shoot in natural sunlight. 

I deem the venue idyllic with respect to the light, backdrop and central location. What we envisage is a slightly antique dress code, so costume hire will be required. Umbrella's and parasols a must and hair done up to suit the period. Low key makeup reminiscent of that periodand possibly a bar stool or two. It would be awesome if there was additional furniture from that period in the house but from my initial scouting around it does not appear so.

Smoke machine will be utilized to add a dramatic flare and possibly internal lighting to highlight the subjects from the inside as the natural lighting falling through the windows will be more than enough.

So that's where we stand. The only items outstanding would be the dresses and props and the models availability. I will do a scout about this weekend coming and let you get to see the venue for yourselves.

Till then take care and we will chat soon

Regards from the team here at Squire's Lens

Leigh & Ghila

A very docile shoot was held on Friday that produced some results that made it to the website. We will definitely need more time to set up and do a decent series of pictures. There is an abandoned building at Gilooly's farm which is the old farm house and we need to get into that as it still has the bay windows and part of the roof attached which will make an awesome backdrop.

Smoke machine, filters and black and white will win the day on that location. Something to plan and look forward to. One or two dramatic outfits and a chaperone (Lynn) and we will get the desired results. Two absolutely wonderful girls with a zest for life that makes me hanker to be their age again.

We did not get enough time on the day and the lighting was post sunset which made it very difficult to get the shots we wanted or anything for that matter to brag about. So we will tackle the subjects again soon enough.

Ce'st La Vie - such is life

Warmest regards and smiles a plenty - Chat soon

New shoot coming up ...

Seriously looking forward to a shoot coming up. Leigh & Ghila recently got engaged and we going to get together to celebrate the occasion with a few pictures. Congratulations to you both, I am so, so happy for you guys, and it would be great to take some pics to remember this special time in your lives.

I will keep you all posted on progress and events over the next few days and let you get to see two amazing people, filled with love and life. They have booked themselves an excursion to Phuket in Thailand to celebrate with a wonderful few days exploring that very beautiful part of the world. 

Do stay in touch folks as we will be getting together soon and I will post the results as soon as editing is done.

With warm regards from the

Squire's Lens Team

Calling on all Models...

Hello all,

We are sending out a call again for either established or newbie models. No matter what shape, size, ethnic group or belief structure, we need you. There is a collection of Pictures currently underway "The spirit of Johannesburg" that we need material for.

Our previous response to the call was timid to say the least and our intention was to have some fun in and around Johannesburg. The beauty of the manner in which we work is that there are no structures, limits or restrictions and thus we can adapt to whatever you are comfortable with and explore the options at your pace and incorporating your creative flair and suggestions.

So feel free to drop me a line and we will get together to explore those possibilities. Locations are mostly outside using natural light and one, two or three additional sources of light for effect. I will be posting some samples soon regarding the shoot done recently with the models that responded on our last call.

Keep in mind this is art and not a regimented photo shoot where critics will appraise the models and the photographer. If you prefer a studio environment we can get that arranged as we have a network of space available around Johannesburg so feel free to give us an idea of your preferences. Please do keep in mind that the "The Spirit of Johannesburg" needs to be shot outside reflecting the city in order to be submitted for appraisal.

So guys have fun, don't be shy, give us a call and we can get the ball rolling.


Heartfelt good cheer from us all

Squire's Lens Team


Wow guys, take a look at this group of dedicated folks at the Sweethearts Foundation. They are collecting, amongst other things bottle caps and then they are being exchanged for wheel chairs for the needy in the community. We have been collecting bottle caps for a relative for close on two years now and anyone who has taken part in this knows how long it takes to collect a worthy amount.


An excerpt from the information they sent us recently ...


The sweethearts Foundation is a 100% Non-Profit organization which collects bottle tops and bread tags (#TopsAndTags), recycles them and then purchases wheelchairs for the underprivileged members of our community. In order to generate enough money, we need to collect either 450kgs of bottle tops or 50kgs of bread tags and this will equal 1 standard wheelchair.

So Squire's Lens decided to try and speed up the process by shopping around through our 'connections' and was very kindly directed by Marrietjie from our offices here in Sandton to Andry in Bloemfontein who is a friend of a friend and a potential sponsor may have been found.

We are waiting for approval from the company directors and will soon know if our efforts are going to pay off. Truth be told no effort was expended by ourselves as all the hard work is being done by the likes of Ashley over at Sweethearts Foundation and a good hearted bunch of volunteers who all hold down regular jobs and juggle this foundation as and when they have an opportunity.

If you want to get involved please feel free to join us as we collect on behalf of the needy and less fortunate individuals who also struggle day to day much as we all do in our own way, some more than others, and it literally comes down to twisting the cap off your finished milk bottle and throwing it into a drawer or packet in the kitchen. Once a month someone will pop by and collect it or you can drop off at our studio in Edenvale or Sandton on your way to or from work.

Consider it and join in if you keen.



The Squire's Lens Team

Gallery Space 3m x 3m

Blog – Squire’s Lens Photography


Hear Yee! Hear Yee! Hear Yee!

We at Squire’s Lens are on the hunt for three square meters of wall space in your gallery or studio. We have a collaboration going with similar artists that would love to display their work ‘on consignment basis in your studio / gallery.

We have a display of their current work available under the ‘Guest Artist’ section of our website www.squireslens.com and through their dedicated efforts and passion for their art they have generously joined our team to put together a collection of their work, for display and eventual sales should the opportunity arise.

Cast a beady eye and let us know if there is an opportunity to get together to showcase their amazing work.


Kind regards to one and all.

Call for Artists

Blog – Squire’s Lens Photography

We have entered the recruitment phase here at Squire’s Lens and we are on the lookout for people with a passion for the arts. We as you are all aware are into capturing images and a large part of our portfolio includes remastering these images into digital art. The appropriate person will find exposure under their own name and a separate section of the website will be dedicated to your work.

The work can include any remastered images which we hold the copyright to. So former images, current images as well as project to be done images can all fall into your realm of influence. Workspace is available and ‘some’ software and access to tools is available on site at our studio. It would be preferable that you have existing software and equipment but this is not a requirement to join our team.

No matter what your genre, ability or passion is, the end result should include a fascination for our audience and followers.  Social media will be your starting point and focus as far as marketing is concerned and then once up and running we will introduce you to our regular channels of galleries, studios and trade fair exhibitors that will get you the exposure you no doubt will deserve.

This can be treated as a collaboration in the event you are already established and willing to work with our team to further both groups agenda and exposure.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call should you require any additional information orto chat about these opportunities



The Squire’s Lens Team

Model Search

Blog – Squire’s Lens Photography

30th May 2017

We are on the hunt for models!

We have no strict criteria besides smiley, friendly, slim and willing to work outdoors. We are running a selection of ‘On the streets’ shoots to capture images for ‘Joburg’s sidewalk project’ and with this in mind we wish to recruit models both male and female that are possibly looking to increase their portfolio images. There is no payment for these informal shoots but a selection of photographer approved pictures for your portfolio from the shoot. Depending on how matters turn out we will have endorsement and possibly sponsorship opportunities further down the line as the ‘Joburg Sidewalk Project’ progresses.

You will be required to bring a minimum of three wardrobe changes of your choice. For the ladies it should preferably include one long skirt or dress that shows off movement and flow, one figure hugging dress or skirt of any length and then a change of clothes that represent your day to day ‘semi formal’ attire. And as for the gents, we require one smart outfit ie: formal wear, one jeans & jacket combination and then as with the ladies your one ‘semi formal’ casual wear or a combination of the above.

There will be a make up artist and hairstylist available on selected shoots but rather be prepared to take care of this yourself.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 083 273 8025 for further information.

Kind regards

The Squire’s Lens Team

WEBSITE Response

Blog – Squire’s Lens Photography

30th May 2017


Well the success of the website has been great, as people have left some very favourable comments and suggestions that have already been seen to and adjusted. Thank you to one and all for the interest and participation with creating my ‘baby’

So much still needs to be done such as the commerce side of affairs and the order online section forms the greatest part of that functionality that still needs to go in.  It will take some time to get all my functions and gadgets sorted out but that is indeed the fun of it. Keeps us off the streets and out of trouble.

Once again thanks for the input and comments, it is all truly appreciated.



Squire & Team

Let the games begin...

Hey guys,

It photo time again this weekend. My week days are filled with research, client meetings, job planning and all the administrative stuff that needs to get done. Weekends are my free 'play time' and this weekend there is so much happening that I dont know how I am going to get to everything.

We will endeavor to get the great pics and some editing done for you and present it early next week. The toss up is Autumn colours and walkabout with the Joburg Photo Walkers club, the Kyalami Racetrack Bike Show, the biggest in South Africa and then the historic train trip to Magaliesberg is also happening this weekend. I cant possibly get to it all.

The curse of having fun. Best week wishes and greetings to you all and we will catch up soon.




Thanks so much to everyone for the critique and encouragement. It is seriously appreciated. We have listened, taken notes and endeavoured to comply with the sentiments expressed. 

We have done editing and resizing all the applicable pictures for the website and we hope to have everything loaded and ready for next weeks launch. It has been a hectic last 72 hrs and I for one am super excited about the new launch as it will become the benchmark for our work here at Squire's Lens Photography. 

As the new projects and ventures take place we will update both this blog and the website accordingly to keep you posted and up to date with all our shenanigans both locally and abroad. There is an amazing amount of material to sift through and we still wish to load the Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, England & Ireland pictures as well as the Turkey, Israel and Greece items but as you could imagine there are thousands of pictures to get through. 

I , we love to keep this updated and functional and express our great appreciation for your comments, suggestions and hints to upgrade and improve your online experience with us. 

Till we chat again...

Squire's Lens Team 

Almost there folks...

It is our pleasure to let you all know that the site is up and runing and will go live within a day or two. We are just waiting on the host to re-align the settings so to speak and then the change over will take place.

I will let yu know on social media when we are up and running with the new site.



Squire's Lens Photography Team

Things are heating up...

Great stuff happening this side with regards to the new website and we are truly hoping you enjoy the experience. It is essentially a portfolio to showcase our style and composition with regards to the photography, the content and the art. 

We honestly look forward to your feedback and comments, so feel free to drop us a line and let us know. There will be several competitions and weekly give aways happening soon, so keep an eye out for these as they will only be posted through the website and this blog. 


We will catch up again soon. 

Regards from the Squire's Lens Team 

Playing Catchup ...

Well Site number 2 on its way! You know the feeling when something is not quite right? Well that prompted me to revamp the website into a more conservative format and I know you will definately like the fresh outlook and approach.

Join me in a week or two to explore and enjoy the visual display.

Squire's Lens Team