Thanks so much to everyone for the critique and encouragement. It is seriously appreciated. We have listened, taken notes and endeavoured to comply with the sentiments expressed. 

We have done editing and resizing all the applicable pictures for the website and we hope to have everything loaded and ready for next weeks launch. It has been a hectic last 72 hrs and I for one am super excited about the new launch as it will become the benchmark for our work here at Squire's Lens Photography. 

As the new projects and ventures take place we will update both this blog and the website accordingly to keep you posted and up to date with all our shenanigans both locally and abroad. There is an amazing amount of material to sift through and we still wish to load the Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, England & Ireland pictures as well as the Turkey, Israel and Greece items but as you could imagine there are thousands of pictures to get through. 

I , we love to keep this updated and functional and express our great appreciation for your comments, suggestions and hints to upgrade and improve your online experience with us. 

Till we chat again...

Squire's Lens Team