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30th May 2017

We are on the hunt for models!

We have no strict criteria besides smiley, friendly, slim and willing to work outdoors. We are running a selection of ‘On the streets’ shoots to capture images for ‘Joburg’s sidewalk project’ and with this in mind we wish to recruit models both male and female that are possibly looking to increase their portfolio images. There is no payment for these informal shoots but a selection of photographer approved pictures for your portfolio from the shoot. Depending on how matters turn out we will have endorsement and possibly sponsorship opportunities further down the line as the ‘Joburg Sidewalk Project’ progresses.

You will be required to bring a minimum of three wardrobe changes of your choice. For the ladies it should preferably include one long skirt or dress that shows off movement and flow, one figure hugging dress or skirt of any length and then a change of clothes that represent your day to day ‘semi formal’ attire. And as for the gents, we require one smart outfit ie: formal wear, one jeans & jacket combination and then as with the ladies your one ‘semi formal’ casual wear or a combination of the above.

There will be a make up artist and hairstylist available on selected shoots but rather be prepared to take care of this yourself.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 083 273 8025 for further information.

Kind regards

The Squire’s Lens Team