Wow guys, take a look at this group of dedicated folks at the Sweethearts Foundation. They are collecting, amongst other things bottle caps and then they are being exchanged for wheel chairs for the needy in the community. We have been collecting bottle caps for a relative for close on two years now and anyone who has taken part in this knows how long it takes to collect a worthy amount.


An excerpt from the information they sent us recently ...


The sweethearts Foundation is a 100% Non-Profit organization which collects bottle tops and bread tags (#TopsAndTags), recycles them and then purchases wheelchairs for the underprivileged members of our community. In order to generate enough money, we need to collect either 450kgs of bottle tops or 50kgs of bread tags and this will equal 1 standard wheelchair.

So Squire's Lens decided to try and speed up the process by shopping around through our 'connections' and was very kindly directed by Marrietjie from our offices here in Sandton to Andry in Bloemfontein who is a friend of a friend and a potential sponsor may have been found.

We are waiting for approval from the company directors and will soon know if our efforts are going to pay off. Truth be told no effort was expended by ourselves as all the hard work is being done by the likes of Ashley over at Sweethearts Foundation and a good hearted bunch of volunteers who all hold down regular jobs and juggle this foundation as and when they have an opportunity.

If you want to get involved please feel free to join us as we collect on behalf of the needy and less fortunate individuals who also struggle day to day much as we all do in our own way, some more than others, and it literally comes down to twisting the cap off your finished milk bottle and throwing it into a drawer or packet in the kitchen. Once a month someone will pop by and collect it or you can drop off at our studio in Edenvale or Sandton on your way to or from work.

Consider it and join in if you keen.



The Squire's Lens Team