Leigh & Ghila

A very docile shoot was held on Friday that produced some results that made it to the website. We will definitely need more time to set up and do a decent series of pictures. There is an abandoned building at Gilooly's farm which is the old farm house and we need to get into that as it still has the bay windows and part of the roof attached which will make an awesome backdrop.

Smoke machine, filters and black and white will win the day on that location. Something to plan and look forward to. One or two dramatic outfits and a chaperone (Lynn) and we will get the desired results. Two absolutely wonderful girls with a zest for life that makes me hanker to be their age again.

We did not get enough time on the day and the lighting was post sunset which made it very difficult to get the shots we wanted or anything for that matter to brag about. So we will tackle the subjects again soon enough.

Ce'st La Vie - such is life

Warmest regards and smiles a plenty - Chat soon