Calling on all Models...

Hello all,

We are sending out a call again for either established or newbie models. No matter what shape, size, ethnic group or belief structure, we need you. There is a collection of Pictures currently underway "The spirit of Johannesburg" that we need material for.

Our previous response to the call was timid to say the least and our intention was to have some fun in and around Johannesburg. The beauty of the manner in which we work is that there are no structures, limits or restrictions and thus we can adapt to whatever you are comfortable with and explore the options at your pace and incorporating your creative flair and suggestions.

So feel free to drop me a line and we will get together to explore those possibilities. Locations are mostly outside using natural light and one, two or three additional sources of light for effect. I will be posting some samples soon regarding the shoot done recently with the models that responded on our last call.

Keep in mind this is art and not a regimented photo shoot where critics will appraise the models and the photographer. If you prefer a studio environment we can get that arranged as we have a network of space available around Johannesburg so feel free to give us an idea of your preferences. Please do keep in mind that the "The Spirit of Johannesburg" needs to be shot outside reflecting the city in order to be submitted for appraisal.

So guys have fun, don't be shy, give us a call and we can get the ball rolling.


Heartfelt good cheer from us all

Squire's Lens Team