Gilooly's farm

Hey folks,


Just by way of filling you in on activity regarding Gilooly's farm as a destination for photographers. I have been in contact with the management and they are getting back to usregarding the use of the old farm house on site as a backdrop for pictures and the shoot we have planned. The nice thing is that the afternoon sun reaches the front of the house from 3pm onward giving us plenty of time to set up and conduct a decent shoot in natural sunlight. 

I deem the venue idyllic with respect to the light, backdrop and central location. What we envisage is a slightly antique dress code, so costume hire will be required. Umbrella's and parasols a must and hair done up to suit the period. Low key makeup reminiscent of that periodand possibly a bar stool or two. It would be awesome if there was additional furniture from that period in the house but from my initial scouting around it does not appear so.

Smoke machine will be utilized to add a dramatic flare and possibly internal lighting to highlight the subjects from the inside as the natural lighting falling through the windows will be more than enough.

So that's where we stand. The only items outstanding would be the dresses and props and the models availability. I will do a scout about this weekend coming and let you get to see the venue for yourselves.

Till then take care and we will chat soon

Regards from the team here at Squire's Lens