What happens to the time ?

I have been so focused on the Facebook pages and the other activities that I only came to realise today that i had missed the blog on the site completely. NO, not just a few days or maybe a week or two according to the date stamps since June 2017 hahahaha. Damn that is disgusting !!!

I do have valid excuses and reasons, mostly all work related but i am not going to share all the boring details with you here. Squires Lens has gone through a complete revamp and I am pleased to announce that we are officially up and running again. A complete restructuring took place whilst I forfiled a contract I had last year, being 2018. A second one came up soon after but only lasted three months. Great things have been happening and well I have found myself back in the drivers seat here at Squires Lens. This fact alone is the reason for my at times idiotic grin permanently plastered on my face.

We have taken it easy for the first months of this year as we align all our social media obligations and arrangements. That is fast coming to a final presentable format and launch date will be Month End February 2019. My last shoot can be found under “Recent Activity” on the banner to the left of the menu options on the website. See Ursh & Co.

So blogging is having a welcome return to center stage here at Squires Lens and I do look forward to sharing the current activity and pictures with you.

Love to all the followers and it is an absolute pleasure to be back and I look forward to sharing and chatting to you all.

Hugs and all to you